Services you may elect to waive and do yourself on a limited service agreement

  • Comparative Analysis

We have a broker on staff who is a former appraiser that will make recommendations on the value of your home.  This is called a comp.  If you list on the MLS using our comp you will not be charged for the listing until the home closes.  If we don’t sell the home you pay nothing.

  • Support during transaction

You may select to handle the selling realtor yourself or you may want us to handle them.  You may even want to handle the transaction but get technical support from us along the way.
There will questions that come up during the transaction that you may not understand.  If you choose to have us provide support then we will be a call away from answering any of your questions.

  • Take Pictures for the MLS

This is one of the things you surely will do for yourself.  We will make recommendations on how to take the pics which you will email to us for posting on the MLS

  • List Property in the MLS

This is where you get all the exposure you need to sell your home.  This is must because thousands of people and realtors will see the listing and some will want to see it. MLS listings prorogate throughout the internet to more than 60 websites so your buyers may be coming from anywhere.   They will contact us or you to see the property.  We recommend you set up the appointments and handle the showings.  You wont have to be there because the buyers realtor will remove the key from your lockbox and show the home.  Its better not to have contact with potential buyers for negotiation purposes.  If you wonder what the MLS looks like select it from the main menu.

  • Showing the Property

A sign in the yard a lockbox and our realtors will be a great help in selling your property.  We will place the sign and loan you the lockbox for that purpose.  All Family Realty will be showing the property to our buyers also.  In that case you should think of our buyer realtors just like other buyer realtors and negotiate hard against them.  If an All Family Realtor sells your home will automatically remove the showing charge.

  • Verify Buyers qualifications

Buyers who submit an offer but fail to qualify for a loan can cause weeks of delay and frustration.  We will verify that the buyer is good for the money so we can avoid any financial hassles.

  • Negotiate the contract

This is a sticky one.  Sellers usually think they are good negotiators but rarely can they hold a candle to our negotiator.  He has negotiated one way or another for 40 years plus.  He will save you more money than you pay for his services.  Enough said you make the call.

  • Write the Contract(s)

No explanation needed here.  If you are responsible enough to own a home and made the decision to sell it you surely know how important this can be.