How Ulistit Works

     In a standard real estate transaction both realtors are paid their commissions by the seller.  That amount is agreed upon by the selling realtor and the seller.  In my real estate experience I’ve seen that  6% is the going price so we will use that figure.  When the listing realtor and seller sign their listing agreement the seller agrees to pay the buyers realtor  3% and the listing realtor 3%.  If the home sells for 100k then each realtor gets $3000.

     Ulistit allows you to do some of the work in the effort to sell your home.  This is called a limited service agreement.  I am going to break the transaction down on following pages but I want to make this point first.  You will have to pay the buyers realtor 3% of the sales price at closing.  He or she brought us the buyer.   The title company will deduct it from the sale.  But the Ulistit commission for selling the property can be discounted for the work you contribute.  Lets say you just want us to list the home on the MLS and you want to do all the rest.  You would pay $750 and save $2250.  Select the next tab for more information.  NEXT