Ulistit is a program that lets you do a lot of the footwork to sell your property and not have to pay a realtor so much!

List your home on the MLS and save money by doing some of the work!  You take the pics and put up the sign and a lot of other stuff that saves you money.   First we are not a large corporation.  We are All Family Realty here in OKC.  We provide homeowners in Central Oklahoma a way to curb some of the costs of selling their home by allowing them to do some or a lot of the work themselves. It’s really very simple. Your select us as your realtor and sign a limited service contract. That means we can put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by all the Realtors in Central Oklahoma. Your home is then added to more than 60 websites including,, and We can do everything or, you can do such things as show the home, answer appointment texts and calls, Open it for inspections, take the photos or even negotiate the deal with the other realtor. Its up to you to select what part of the transaction you feel comfortable handling. The less we do the less we charge. The best part is that if you agree with our comps you don’t pay a dime unless your home sells.   See the Yellow Pages reviews for a history of our relationships with customers.  Lets get started by doing a Market analysis (or comp as we call it) and seeing how much you can save on the sale of your property by doing some of the work yourself.